What is an access panel?

An access panel is a permission-based, pre-recruited group of individuals who have agreed to participate in marketing research surveys and share their opinions. It is completely voluntary and confidential.

Why should I join?

Your opinions are important to shape the Healthcare landscape of India.

What kind of surveys do you conduct?

Our surveys include soliciting your views on a variety of medical topics that include: Extent of Internet usage in Medical practice, study about treatment/improvement in treating patients, Usage patterns of specific products/devices/pharma-drugs, Decision Making for prescription/procurement. The link “Sample projects” provides an overview. Feel free to reach out to ask@krea.in for any queries. We would be glad to provide additional information.

What Data privacy standards do you follow?

Our privacy policy is aligned with the European Data Protection Legislation. We work within the ESOMAR standards for conducting online research, informing panelists that we only gather information for the purpose of market research and they can choose to opt out of our panel if they wish.

What is aggregate-level data?

Personally identifiable information will not be revealed. All data will be aggregated and presented. This means that your responses shall remain confidential.

Is it permission based? Do I have to take all surveys that you send?

Participation in surveys is completely voluntary. We do not send more than two project invites in a month and you can decide to take the survey or decline it.

How much time do I need to invest?

We know you are quite busy. The length of the survey will be clearly indicated in the invitation mail/call and you can participate based on your time schedules.

What do you mean by “Honorarium” and how will it be administered?

We appreciate your time investment and as a token of our appreciation, gladly process an honorarium. This will be through one of the options mentioned: vide Cheque, gift vouchers or specific journal subscriptions. The honorarium depends on the length of the survey and associated complexity.

Do I take the surveys at one go?

That is completely up to you. You can decide to take the survey in one go or to split it into 2-3 sessions based on your time availability.

How would I take a survey? (focus on various modes, online, mobile, telephone, face-to-face)

There are various modes by which you can participate:
Online: We shall send you a link that you can use to send in your entries
Mobile: By downloading an app, you can participate in short-surveys specific to your specialty
Telephonic: Based on your availability, one of our interviewers shall conduct the interview via phone.
Face to Face: We shall come to your hospital/clinic and conduct the interview.
Central Location: For certain projects, we shall invite you to come to a central location for a focus-group or depth interview.